Concurrent Programs

Anton Reijnders Ceramic Workshop

Developing ideas through making: There is a tendency to reduced making as merely a prelude towards outcome and learning as being about acquiring of what is to be known.

Through a series of projects this workshop aims on becoming aware of the importance of letting go. Letting go of fixed preconceived ideas and outcome and as such creating openness for things to work out as it goes. The participant is invited to embrace every step in the process as real. The focus will be on allowing ideas to come to the fore while making. We use clay for this; a versatile material that is very responsive but not simply subservient.

2017 workshop participants:

  • Hana Balaban-Pommier
  • Rachelle Chinnery
  • Pascale Girardin
  • Kathy Kranias
  • Jeff Martens
  • Mary McKenzie
  • Laura McKibbon
  • Cynthia O’Brien
  • Karla Rivera
  • Wendy Shirran
  • Mike Spencer
  • Nurielle Stern
  • Chiho Tokita
  • Greg Voisin
  • Marlene Zagdanski
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