Citizens of Craft is a movement.

A movement of makers, of appreciators, of shoppers, of admirers – of anyone whose values match our values of heritage, innovation, the leading edge, traditional, authentic, and entrepreneurial.

Citizens of Craft is a movement because there is a great need to unify the voices, to stop trying to define craft but instead to celebrate its diversity – what it is, what it represents, and who it defines – those who make and those who appreciate. A movement is a way for craft professionals to say, “this is what I do, this is what I am – come share my passion.” A movement is a way for appreciators to say, “this is what I love, this is what I value, this is who I am.”

The culmination of all of the efforts behind this movement is realized in the Citizens of Craft website and its Craft Finder where you can experience and locate craft from Whitehorse to St. John’s. This website allows everyone – Canadians and visitors to our country alike – to experience and access craft more readily and in a rich and easily searchable environment.

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